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For some spaces, controlling access is just as important as allowing entry. So if your building needs to maintain high safety levels while facing high traffic levels, consider this security revolving door. What sets it apart is a fully automated entrance control, with potential visitors assessed via smart cards, biometrics or mobile credentials. That means you get all the benefits of a modern, attractive revolving door – with a level of control conventional doors simply can’t match.


Smart Security


The heart of this revolving door is a microprocessor-equipped control unit that integrates seamlessly with any access control system. So however you are set up, our Secure360™ Time of Flight (TOF) sensor gives you best-in-class detection of piggybacking and tailgating. 


Benefits as standard, whatever you choose.


You need security, but you also want flexibility. That’s why this model comes with either three or four wings, and in a variety of sizes too. Whatever option you choose, it will be fully compliant with the EN 16005 safety standard. And since revolving doors are “always open, always closed” there is minimal air exchange as well. So you will also spend less on heating and cooling for your building too.

ASSA ABLOY RD3A/RD4A Security Revolving Door

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