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contactless entry button electronic door opening machine by hand in the operating room cli

Hands-Free Door-openers solutions by ASSA ABLOY

Reduce contact with frequently touched openings and doors by upgrading to ASSA ABLOY's hands-free door-openers solutions. Embrace a healthier environment and choose our low-touch and no-touch door openers for all your building's doors in Saint-Laurent, QC.


​Our innovative solutions for your doors and openings have been designed with electromagnetic components to give you an experience that is not only futuristic but also more hygienic.

Contact us today to get your hands-free door-openers solution from ASSA ABLOY!

contactless entry button electronic door opening machine by hand in the operating room cli
The solution for You!

Our hands-free door-openers solutions are combined with cleaning techniques, giving your building, premises or office the necessary security against germs and bacteria. Simply put, our hands-free door-opener technologies improve the cleanliness of your environment by reducing contact with high-traffic openings.

No-Touch Solutions

To avoid contact with high-traffic openings, you can find your solutions here!

Electromagnetic Door Holder

Keep your doors open during peak hours to minimize contact points on your door handles.

Push with the hip or pull with the arm​

Efficient to move hands-free through virtually any door thanks to the installation of a push/pull system and paddles.

Open your doors without touching them

For any swing doors, you can upgrade them easily to hands-free door-openers thanks to a low power door operator coupled with a wave-to-open switch, RF device and/or remote control.

Electric Lock Retraction​

Make it easy for people to move quickly and hands-free through virtually any door with the addition of an electric lock retraction system.

Wave a Hand or Pass Through​

Aperture wave sensors, motion detectors and wireless transmitters offer hygienic solutions for non-contact access and egress.

Low Touch Solutions

You can also choose our low-contact solutions. They are all equally effective!

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Tried and True

Ask our specialists for assistance regarding your entrance systems.

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